Ecosmob Announced Launch of IP PBX Software with Advanced Features with Host of Benefits for Multi Tenant IP PBX Provider

Ecosmob, a leading VoIP technology company based in Ahmedabad, announced the launch of IP PBX software solutions for multi-tenant IP PBX service providers with a host of features that bring a plethora of benefits.

Arlington, TX, June 02, 2017 –(– Speaking on the occasion a spokesman of Ecosmob said, “Ecosmob is an established Indian VoIP solution provider serving telecom industries worldwide and it offers cutting edge multi-tenant IP PBX solutions that bring a host of benefits for multi-tenant IP PBX providers.”
Ecosmob, he went on, is constantly upgrading its technological capabilities to offer the latest and the most feature rich IP PBX solutions to service providers. Such service providers get the benefit of a customized, ultra-reliable solution that is also scalable and secure. One of the greatest benefits to such multi-tenant IP PBX providers is that the solution is based on a single network yet offers diverse features such as voice, video and multimedia and access from anywhere, using any remote network bridging. There are standard features like call return, routing, routing rules, phone books, queuing, blind and attended transfer, hold and retrieve, conferencing, selection acceptance or rejection, music on hold, voice mail and others. What service providers also appreciate is customized dashboard with real time system status, monitoring, reporting and billing in a package that offers the latest and the best. It is also user friendly. Multi-tenant providers can easily manage dozens or hundreds of customers all through a simple web interface. An ecommerce portal may be included to facilitate registration and secure payment.

Hosted IP PBX can be deployed in hours and any service provider can offer a solution that is up and running in a short time with least cost incidence. Providers can assign rights or offer only a set of features with inbuilt scalability according to their client requirements and this ensures customer loyalty. That Ecosmob solutions for IP PBX are free of bugs and work reliably further enhances client satisfaction. Even mobile VoIP may become a part of the solution if so desired. Another benefit for service providers is that cloud hosted packages do away with the need for hardware installation.

Based in India but with a workforce that is second to none in terms of technical capabilities, Ecosmob offers the latest but at highly affordable rates. Ecosmob customized IP PBX software development costs are a fraction of what one would pay in developed countries and customization means owner retains code besides being assured of continuing service support, which, too, is priced quite affordably. “However, in our experience, this is rarely needed and if at all it is needed, we do not charge anything for minor mods,” said the representative.

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